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Free Online Chinese Corner

The Online Chinese Corner is open every day (from Monday to Friday) at 8.30-10.30am Beijing time (GMT-8). Find the time difference between your local time and Beijing time. Some interesting topics regarding to Chinese culture and history will be discussed and introduced in the corner. You can meet and talk to other teachers and students around the world while practicing Chinese freely. 

There are only 2 steps to join the Chinese Corner freely with students around the world.

Step 1: Download and install ET Online Classroom

Please note ET Online Classroom is suitable for Windows systems only. 
Click here to find the software, 
Please follow the instructions to complete the installation. 

Step 2: Log in and enter the Chinese Corner

Right click the Icon of ET Class on your desktop, select “Run as Admin” if have or Run directly, 
Input: as Server IP, Account number is either of 8005-8020, No password is required, and Click "Sign In" to log in,
Find the Room “Chinese Corner”or Room 2000 on the left hand side after you login ET system,
Double click Room ID to enter the classroom and join the Chinese corner.

Email us to if have any question during the process.

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