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This is a great way for a group of students to learn chinese together. You can book the class time based on your own schedule and take lesson at nearly any time. You may choose your preferred teaching material to meet the group needs.

The equipments required by such virtual classroom are projector (or large TV), speakerphone, webcam and computer only.

By using this virtual class room, regardless where you are and what time you like to learn, our native quality teachers can always teach you to speak Chinese efficiently and easily. All teaching materials will be carefully prepared and shown in the class as PPT slides. Further more, you can record the whole lessons and save them in the computer, any students can replay the actual lessons they did as many times as they like for review.

Learn Chinese in group is the most economical and convenient way to learn Chinese and it is very flexible and effective too, therefore it is very suitable for schools, organizations, language clubs etc.

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