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  • First, contact our online advisor for class reservation. Try to inform us of your class time 24 hours in advance so we can promptly arrange a teacher for you. Should you want to choose your own teacher, you can do so but in accordance to the teacher’s fixed working hours.
  • If you can not attend class at the scheduled time, you should cancel your reservation at least 12 hours in advance. Go to the “MyPage” location on our website, or send an email to
     , or contact our online advisor through the instant messaging tools, and telephone(Calling from China: +86-27-87775051,Calling from North America: +1-203-9030299). Then you can reserve the next class at your convenience through our online advisor.
  • It is also possible that you can reschedule your lesson on the same day provided you have cancelled the previous scheduled class 12 hours in advance.
  • In the event that you have not cancelled the scheduled class 12 hours before it starts and you did not make it to the class, then it will be considered a non-scheduled absence.
  • You will be considered late if you arrived in class 20 minutes after the scheduled time.
  • You will be considered absent if you arrived 40 minutes after the scheduled time.
  • Lateness and Absence rules and regulations for the Student
    A: If the student is late for class the teacher will not leave the class room until the scheduled time ends.
    B: If the student is late from class twice in a month, it will be considered as one absence.
    C: If the user is absent from class twice in a month, he can not reserve a class schedule in the next 5 days from the second absence date.
  • The lateness and absence rules and regulations for the Teacher
    If the teacher is late for or absent from class, the user has the right to lodge a complaint or apply for a new teacher, and may request a make-up class for any hours missed.

In the event of any technical problems encountered such as network errors, computer malfunctions, power interruption, etc. which delay the class for 15 minutes or more we will arrange another class session within 24 hrs. If the problem is on the student’s end, we can not be held responsible for that. Try to make sure that the time you choose to have class is the best time for your system/server and if you foresee changes in the schedule always make it a point to inform us 12 hrs prior to the scheduled class.

Note: Before attending class always make sure that your computer is functioning well. This will enable us to concentrate on you and not your equipment e.g. headphone, microphone, speakers, camera, etc.

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