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The primary purpose of this course is the introduction to Chinese character writing in an exciting and fascinating way of learning.


The non-Chinese speakers commonly believe that the Chinese language is not that easy to learn and write but the interesting thing about studying Chinese characters is that its structure and form is closely related to its meaning. Once you get to the very core of Chinese language you will find ease and much interest in learning.

Approximately 1,200 commonly used Chinese characters are introduced and explained in this course. Each character is clearly presented through the use of pictograph, short story, a step-by-step stroke method of writing, and proper usage of words in a context. Some characters will also be used in idioms and word combinations for a more comprehension of Chinese characters. This is a kind of course where both children and adults can learn.

What's it for?

This course is suitable for those who already have the basic knowledge of Chinese language and are interested in writing and recognizing Chinese characters.

Key Features

  • Easy, interesting and encouraging course.
  • A step-by-step writing stroke will be taught as well as Chinese character recognition.
  • Through the study of characters with the inclusion of various strokes, the student will be able to learn the correct use and application of different character.
  • You will be able to explain about derivations, sequence of stroke composition, component configuration, stroke and component transformation in a traditional and simplified form.
  • This can be a strong foundation for any future plan of escalating to a higher level of Chinese learning.
  • The online class which includes audio/video conference with the teacher, power point presentation, and the teacher?’s notes can be recorded and saved in your computer for future use and practice.

Level Options

There are two levels for this course, the beginner level and intermediate level. 32 lessons in all.

Level One

1. This level can be very useful for those who have plan for further studies of Chinese characters and language to a higher level.
2. In this level, students will learn how to read and write at least 600 common Chinese characters and 1200 common phrases in their various forms.
3. A total of nine (9) lessons in all.

Level Two

1. The main purpose of the study in this level is to help students analyze different character structures, explain derivations and correct pronunciation.
2. This course will guide students on proper way of reading, identifying and writing of at least 600 common Chinese characters and 2,200 common phrases that are in various forms.
3. By the end of this course students are expected to handwrite simple and short compositions with Chinese characters and phrases. This will indicate your status of improvement and qualification for furthering your studies.
4. A total of seven lessons in all.

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