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This course is purposely designed for improving one?’s conversational skills which has a major focus on interactive practice.


The course content and the method use will allow the student to practice speaking the Chinese language quickly. The approach for this study will enable the learner to master basic conversational phrases with comfort and less effort. Each class session will has various topics in which students are encouraged to take several lessons in order to build up confidence in speaking Mandarin and it will also be useful for future plan of proceeding to a higher level.

What's it for?

This particular study is for those who intend to improve their oral Chinese more specifically for non-native Chinese.

Key Features

  • Easy, interesting and dynamic.
  • You can gain insights and knowledge in every class session.
  • Interaction is the major part in the one-on-one session with the native-Chinese teacher.
  • Each lesson will include quality audio/video conference with the teacher which can be recorded and saved in your computer for future reference and practice.

Level Options

There are four levels within this Chinese course.

Level One

1. This level is for those who do not have any single knowledge of Chinese language.
2. By starting with the basic words and expression in Pinyin, you will be able to learn and apply at least 500 frequently used expressions and grammar points.
3. This study that focuses on four language skills (reading, speaking, writing, and listening) will prepare the student to interact proficiently in communication with Chinese speaking individuals or groups.
4. The student will be exposed to an all-Chinese atmosphere in every lesson.
5. A total of forty-five (45) lessons in all which equals to a Beginner level.

Level Two

1. Suitable for those who have the basic skill in listening and speaking and are familiar with some simple sentence structures or knowledge of at least 800 Chinese characters.
2. This level covers at least 1,500 words of a wider range in Chinese syllabus. A more complex sentence structure will be taught for everyday conversation.
3. At the end of this course you will be able to acquire good command of basic Chinese vocabulary and be able to string together the Chinese words and be able to communicate skillfully.
4. A total of forty (40) lessons in all which equals to Elementary level.

Level Three

1. Suitable for those who are good in listening and speaking Chinese and also for those who have the knowledge of at least 2,500 Chinese characters and phrases as well as correct use of Chinese grammar.
2. You will learn at least 3,000 words of a wider range and this study will focus more on grammar points in the Chinese; functional topics will also be included.
3. At the end of this course level, you should be able to communicate in a complex form of Chinese sentences and structure.
4. A total twenty (20) lessons in all which equals to Intermediate Level.

Level Four

1. Suitable for those who could speak confidently and fluently and those who have good listening skill and know of at least 3,500 Chinese characters and phrases.
2. You will be able to learn 3,500 words or more and be able to improve in language application through learning functional topics as the lesson progress.
3. Intense grammatical usage and interaction will be involved in this level. The primary goal is to improve your ability to express your opinion or judgment in Chinese language.
4. A total twenty (20) lessons in all which equals to Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level.

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