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Are you planning a possible adventure to China? How will you make yourself understood when you interact with Chinese friends the real language and culture of the Chinese people? A fairly good command of Mandarin Chinese is essential and will make your trip and experience much more enjoyable. Utilizing this Easy Chinese 100 course you will learn to speak sentences or phrases used in everyday conversation as you travel through China.


Easy Chinese 100-Everyday Life, will simplify your everyday life during your stay in China. The course is divided into 14 different sections such as greetings, shopping phrases, dining requests, making telephone calls, transportation communication and so on. You will find these sentences or phrases practical and helpful in day to day situations.

Easy Chinese 100-Travelling in China is designed especially for Chinese language beginners who wish to travel in China. You will learn 100 or more simple phrases to help you solve any communication problems encountered during your adventure.

What's it for?

This program is designed for beginners of Chinese language studies. The material provided is well-suited for short-term classes.

Key Features

  • Easy, interesting and practical.
  • Immerses learners into practical language learning and cultural understanding.
  • The audio/video conference, presentation and notes by the teacher can be recorded and saved in your computer for future reference and practice.


Everyday Life
  • ?问候 Greetings
  • 时间与安排 Time
  • 购物 Shopping
  • 就餐 Dining
  • 家庭与工作 Family & Job
  • 打电话 Making a call
  • 交通与出行 Transportation
  • 地点与方位 Directions
  • 身体与感受 Health & Feelings
  • 闲暇 Leisure
  • 天气 Weather
  • 家务 Housework
  • 银行 Personal Banking
Traveling in China
  • 机场迎送 Airport Affairs
  • 乘车问路 Transportation
  • 入住、退房 Check-in & Check-out
  • 宾馆服务 Hotel Service
  • 买票、订票 Buying/Reserving Tickets
  • 日程安排 Schedule Arrangements
  • 观光 Sightseeing
  • 天气 Weather
  • 购物 Shopping
  • 就餐 Dining
  • 求助 Asking for Help
  • 服务 Services
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