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Quick Chinese focuses on the daily communication skill with the fast and fun learning approach. You will learn to speak in no time at all.


There are no shortcuts for learning Chinese however the idea to learn Chinese effectively is a reasonable and achievable goal by integrating of the right methods and approaches in your learning process. Quick Chinese presents real life topics with an integration of communicative approach and grammatical structural learning. It will help beginners improve their conversational skills and build a strong foundation for further future progress. This course introduces 1,000 new words and common sentence structure, and covers common topics including everyday life, travelling, and other conversational situations.

What's it for?

It is a quick-to-learn course specially designed for short-term learners who plan to visit China in the near future.

Key Features

  • Easy and interesting.
  • Will improve the daily communication skills through real life topics.
  • Incorporates the correct method and approach for your learning process.
  • Establish a strong basic foundation for future learning.
  • The audio/video conference, presentation and notes can be recorded automatically and played back for review at your convenience.

Level Options

You can choose from either ONE-MONTH or TWO-MONTH COURSE in Quick Chinese.

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