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This program is specially designed for people who would like to learn the Chinese language essential and necessary in the business world such as trading and business communication.


This program is geared towards the goal of enhancing the Chinese language understanding and communication in the business environment and culture. The students will have an in-depth lesson in a more advanced language comprehension that will introduce them to culturally applicable business strategies. Students will familiarize themselves with Chinese customer?’s expectations, concerns, and needs as well as gain insights and working knowledge of competitors.

What's it for?

Business Chinese is a must-learn-course for those who are doing business in China or are planning to do so.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and broad coverage in an easy to learn format.
  • Enhance and improve student’s skills in dealing with everyday business situation.
  • Useful and meaningful features for easy understanding of the Chinese business culture.
  • Each level in this course matches closely to the higher HSK level program.
  • Lesson activities such as audio/video conference with the teacher, presentations and notes can be recorded and saved in your own computer for future reference and practice.

Level Options

There are five levels in Business Chinese.

Level One

1. Business Chinese programs begin with learning basic Chinese like Pinyin and Chinese alphabet.
2. You will learn the phonetic system fundamentals of Mandarin which will focus on correct pronunciation and intonation of vowels, consonants, and writing the spelling.
3. After the completion of this program you will be able to read and write correctly and will be able to speak some simple Chinese expressions.
4. A total of ten (10) lessons.

Level Two

1. This is for those who already have the basic knowledge of the Chinese language and simple expressions.
2. You will be ale to learn some useful colloquial expressions in Pinyin such as “"Nǐ hǎo!"、"Xiàn zài jǐ diǎn?", etc.
3. At the end of this study you should be able to speak the language with no hesitation and will be able to deal with everyday Chinese living.
4. A total of ten (10) lessons equivalent to HSK 1 and 2.

Level Three

1. This is structured for those who have a working knowledge of the language but want to improve in communicating more efficiently with their Chinese business partners and employees.
2. Learn at least 200 common colloquial sentence structures, 500 characters and 1200 phrases.
3. Learn to use expressions appropriately in various situations such as greetings, introductions, making apologies and congratulations.
4. This course puts the focus on the enhancement of listening and speaking skills more than writing and reading skill.
5. A total of 20 lessons for this course is equivalent to the Elementary Level of Chinese Syllabus and HSK 3 and 4.

Level Four

1. Those that already have an elementary level of Chinese language can proceed to this level.
2. You will learn at least 500 common sentence structures, 1,500 characters and 2,200 words or phrases.
3. You will learn practical expressions in appropriate business settings such as team buildings, banqueting, dealing with clients, bargaining, payments, insurance, credits, contract signing, online trading, and etc.
4. At the end of the course you will be able to master enough Chinese business jargon and have knowledge and understanding of the social and business life in China as well as a skillful response to most any business settings or situations.
5. A total of twenty (20) lessons in all and is equivalent to the Intermediate Level of the Chinese Syllabus and HSK 5-7.

Level Five

1. This level is ideal for intermediate or advanced learners of Chinese.
2. You will be able to learn at least 2,600 words and phrases as well as 3,500 Chinese characters.
3. This level provides an advanced skill in business negotiation, business correspondence, Chinese etiquette and culture, practical vocabulary, business news, advertising, and corporate culture, etc. It serves as a valuable reference for international trade and transnational business operations while painting a vivid picture of the business life of the average Chinese businessman by providing cross-cultural comparisons.
4. A total of twenty (20) lessons in all which is equivalent to the Intermediate Level of the Chinese Syllabus and HSK 8.

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