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This course has three levels designed especially for children 6 and above who are non-native Chinese speakers. Children will learn in a fun field and interesting atmosphere.


These fun learning materials utilize the series of textbooks Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids. It contains colorful, interesting content and meaningful situations that would be appealing to young learners.

What's it for?

This special program is crafted for children age 6 onwards either Chinese or non-Chinese nationals.

Key Features

  • This is a conversation-oriented Chinese course for kids.
  • Flash cards, songs, games and many other activities will make learning seem more like fun less like work.
  • Every sentence can be used to speak to Chinese people. (Every sentence can be used in real life with Chinese people).
  • Students will interact with Chinese children while playing. (Students will be able to speak to Chinese children while playing.)

Level Options

Three Levels : Each level has 40 lessons

Elementary level 1

1. The teacher will focus on teaching Pinyin including initials, finals, and tones by the use of graphics and images and listening to audio files. The teacher gives more attention on correct pronunciation.
2.The use of relevant learning materials will be presented for each lesson.
3. Kids can easily identify and recognize the words quickly through out the course and will be able to communicate with the teacher in simple ways. During the course of study children will be able to relate themselves to Chinese.

Elementary level 2

1. The native Chinese teacher will use a unique approach in teaching accurate pronunciation and tone pleasant to children’s hearing. Children can have the opportunity to play games and actively participate in the dialogue with the teacher to encourage them to express themselves in Chinese.
2. The teacher will also focus on grammar through given texts. Examples related to daily fun living will be provided for practice and easy learning.
3. At the end of this course students will be able to comprehend, communicate and express themselves using simple words and sentences with native Chinese speakers.

Intermediate level

1. In this level, a little more challenging approach will be used such as story-telling and passages with rich contents for questions to be answered. Another is image description and identification.
2. Chinese characters that include structures and writing orders will be taught which will help kids learn the Chinese culture. Use of daily phrases, slang words, idioms, and Chinese music will be used to help them learn and speak more naturally.
3. Various activities such as, revision, translation and arranging words are a fun way to learn. At the end of the course students are expected to learn 600-1200 Chinese words and will be able to use phrases and expressions in a fun and effective manner.

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