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We provide 9 packages for various learning needs, please choose one that fits you the most.

1st: Authentic Reality (AR) Course Total Price
8 sessions in total $ 240   ($ 30 /per session)
(VIP member price saves more for Details)

2nd: Premium course Total Price
12+2=14 Sessions in total $ 280   ($ 20 /per session)

(VIP member price saves more for Details)
30+10=40 Sessions in total $ 720   ($ 18 /per session)

(VIP member price saves more for Details)
Note: The premium course will give you a value for money experience. Your private tutor will design learning plan and ensure the goal to be achieved

3rd: Standard course Total Price

60 sessions sessions

$ 900   save $120 ($ 15 /per session)

(VIP member price saves more for Details)
Note: This purchase is done each time manually on your own. The maximum valid period is 12 weeks for each 12 sessions, e.g. if you purchase 36 sessions, the valid period is 36 weeks.

4th: Monthly subscription course Total Price
1-month subscription $ 270
Up to 25 sessions per month, as low as $10.8 per session.
12-month subscription $ 2,700   18% discount, save $454
Up to 25 sessions per month, as low as $9 per session.
Note: The remaining sessions will become invalid when the subscription ends. The charge through Paypal is to be renewed automatically by the end of each term, but you can cancel the subscription for next term at any time before it starts. If you do not cancel your subscription, the teacher’s time will still be allocated to you, and the charges will not be refunded to you. VIP discount is not apply for these subscription courses.

5th: Semester course Total Price
36 sessions in 4 months
2 classes every week
$ 570  save $105    ($ 15.8 per session)
Note: This course is designed for those learners who want to have class more regularly. 2 classes every week is an excellent pace for learning Chinese. The valid period for this course is 4 month.

6th: Test prep course Total Price
24 sessions in total $ 480  ($ 20 per session)

Customized teaching materials can be prepared for the lessons
Note: This course is suitable for those learners who want to prepare various Chinese test, including HSK, AP, VCE and so on. Guarantee is also provided for such course. The client can continue the course for free if we fail to pass the test.

7th: Corporate course Total Price
200 sessions in total From $ 2,400   ($ 12 per session)
More purchase more discount. Please contact us for details.
Note: This course is designed for those corporate that have business relation to China. The foreign employees can be trained before they arrive in China. We will develop individualized solution based on Your company’s requirements.

8th: Group course Total Price
14 Sessions in total $ 280   ($ 20 per session)
Note: Group Course is suitable for various schools, institutions and small group learners. 2-4 learners can attend the class. It will save the cost remarkably. These 14 sessions will have a valid period for 14 weeks.

9th: 25 mins Course Total Price
30 Sessions in total $ 240   ($ 8 per session)
80 Sessions in total $ 600   ($ 7.5 per session)
Note: Each class is 25 mins. It is suitable for kids due to short concentration. It is also suitable for those students whose schedule is full and busy.

VIP membership
$ 300 Become VIP and save big

Become our VIP member and save more

There are two ways you can get the VIP membership:

1.Buy 100 lessons or more at a time (Buy 100 lessons at the normal price, you will get: 100 lessons  + Free VIP membership (worth $300)
2.Introduce two of your friends to be our new student.
Make Choice for Your Chinese Learning
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