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    ChineseHour creates and practices its unique Chinese methodology into each interactive class, which is based on the idea that great communication skills are built on practical, common sense principles and guidelines. The course design is guided by an internationally acclaimed teaching and learning system, and it is incorporated into each task of the learning process for our Chinese learners. Our professional team has invested a lot of time and efforts in developing most lively and enjoyable interactive courses for you, and there is no doubt that they will make learning Chinese effective and fun.

     C: COMMUNICATIONS as the learning targets
     H: HARMONIOUS bonds between teachers and learners
     I: INTERACTIVE class as the learning platform
     N: NETWORK management for the supportive basis
     A: ADVISOR service for quality guarantee

     Private Courses

    Private Class or called one-on-one class is particularly suitable for those who are busy and want to have a private Chinese tutor for individual and systematic tuition in a flexible schedule.

    To meet the learning needs of online learners who stay outside China, we incorporate the requirements the Syllabus of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language with online teaching experiences and compile a complete and compact package of online textbooks and learning materials. Most of the courses just focus on improving listening and speaking skills, which you can employ to interact with native Chinese friends or business partners. The private courses we offer at present include: Regular ChineseQuick Chinese,Business ChineseTravel in ChineseChildren ChineseChinese Character Writing , HSK Test PreparationConversation Practiceand Easy Chinese 100.

     Online Course

    The online course is particularly suitable for those who want to learn at their own pace through multimedia courseware.

    There are four levels within Online Course for independent learning – Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate with 200 teaching hours in all. Each lesson contains eight sections: outline, flash movie, voice simulation, key sentences, new words, role play, exercises and character writing.

    Before starting your independent learning from the Online Course, you must take a placement test first to identify the right level for your Chinese learning, and then develop a personalized learning plan. You can achieve your learning goal much easier If you follow the learning plan strictly. If you have any problems in self-paced learning, you are welcome to turn to our one-on-one instant tutoring sessions, the private teachers will be very happy to help you anytime online.

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