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Efficient Tuition Language School ( is a world leading and innovative language school for Chinese learning online.

Welcome to ChineseHourThe way of online Chinese learning is quite different from that of international students living in China. Many Chinese learners come to recognize that most textbooks available in the bookstores are not suitable for online learning, because the topics are mostly designed for international students who live and study in China’s universities. There is too much grammar, too long period of time to learn, and what is more disappointed for them is that there are no Chinese speakers around to practice what they have learned.

diplomaSo, to meet the learning needs for online learners who usually stay outside China, we incorporate the requirements the Syllabus of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) with our online teaching experiences and compile a complete and compact package of specific textbooks and teaching/learning materials. Most of the courses just focus on improving listening and speaking skills, which you can employ to interact with native Chinese friends or business partners. The creative courses reconstructed by Chinese professors are used worldwide now for online Chinese language learners. All you need to do is just follow the online Chinese teachers and practice speaking Chinese with them everyday.

You can learn Chinese language and culture over Internet today anytime and any where in the comfort of your home or workplaces. Anyone who is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese can register at and get access to our Chinese learning programs.

ChineseHour is just like a regular school, but it is much more convenient for your learning. A test of each level that you pass earns you a certified diploma recognized by learning institutions and employers around the world.

What do we offer?

Currently, there are two kinds of learning modes for individuals and group learners at ChineseHour: Private Chinese Class and Online Course. These two learning modes can be taken together for an integrated learning environment, or taken independently for each other. As they are separated, they have their own advantages to meet the needs of different learners.

Private Class

Private Class or called one-on-one class is particularly suitable for those students who want to learn Chinese easily and efficiently with flexible schedule. We provide one-on-one customized and structured courses at an affordable price with ET_Class live tutoring platform to help you achieve your learning objectives in speaking Mandarin Chinese fluently. Successful Chinese study requires your personal commitment and participation, but the one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way for learning this language.

Online Course

Our 200-hour online course is specially designed to learn at your own pace through multimedia courseware. You can practise pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing in each lesson within four levels. It's free and flexible with great fun.

School/University Courses

For those schools / universities who are looking for qualified native Chinese teachers for their on-site Chinese classes, or for those who want to create a real-China environment to practice what they have learned in the textbooks, ChineseHour is privileged to offer our unique and professional learning modes to fit in with your specific courses (or ChineseHour courses).           Know more>>

Corporate Courses

For corporate or governmental organizations who are looking for qualified native Chinese teachers for their HR Chinese classes, ChineseHour is privileged to offer our unique and professional learning modes and customize a language program that suits your needs, incorporating relevant vocabulary and terminology for your preferred business sector.                             Know more>>

Multimedia Resources

We provide abundant online multimedia resources for Chinese teaching/learning purposes, such as Chinese pronunciations, Chinese characters, living images, everyday dialogues, Chinese idioms and proverbs, Chinese essays and mini novels, Chinese speeches, Chinese music, and even Chinese menus. And Chinese learning blog is desgined to supplement your Chinese language teaching/learning and cultural understanding.

Unique Methodology

ChineseHour creates and practices its unique Chinese methodology into each interactive class, which is based on the idea that great communication skills are built on practical, common sense principles and guidelines. The course design is guided by an internationally acclaimed teaching and learning system, and it is incorporated into each task of the learning process for our Chinese learners. ChineseHour highlights its online TCSL methodology within five letters "C-H-I-N-A" (Samuel Yue, 2007) as its distinguishing features:

 C: COMMUNICATIONS as the learning targets

 H: HARMONIOUS bonds between teachers and learners

 I: INTERACTIVE class as the learning platform

 N: NETWORK management for the supportive basis

 A: ADVISOR service for quality guarantee

What's the pricing policy?

We provide three pricing packages for one-on-one instant tutoring sessions, which is charged alternatively according to your class attendance or monthly subscription. Online Course and multimedia learning resources are free of charge.

We recommend you to choose the most suitable pricing package according to your situation. To buy ChineseHour Services online is fast, simple and safe. Go to the "Courses" page, choose your suitable course package and Click the "Buy Now" button. 

What can you get from ChineseHour?

Perfect curriculum systemIntegrated curriculum
Our online study advisor can help you identify what to learn or which level is most suitable for your Chinese learning. The combination of 100% native teachers for private class, interactive self-paced courses, resource library and online community make your Chinese learning easy and fun.

Full-time TeachersInnovative teachers
All ChineseHour teachers are graduates from well-known Chinese universities specializing in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. They are ready to help you with their expertise and ensure you make great progress everyday in Chinese learning.

Individualized guidanceIndividualized guidance
Individualized learning plans, timely learning guidance and overall learning reports and careful attention from ChineseHour teachers will make you feel comfortable and confident in Chinese learning.

Immediate online supportImmediate online support
Contact us by E-mail or LIVE CHAT for immediate online support. We’re ready to help anytime.

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