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    You will have a dedicated tutor (private tutor) on your schedule and learn easier and faster than other tutoring sites which offer service by rotating tutors.
    Online testing system is open for everyone. You can test your Chinese level at your convenience. Multi-level papers are available for your needs.
    The online corner is hosted at 8.30-10.30am Beijing time (GMT-8) from Monday to Friday. You can  practice your Chinese with other teachers and learners.
    Besides private tutoring, testing system and online Chinese corner, you also can enjoy our immersive material and learn Chinese by yourself at convenience.

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    It is a trend that more and more kids start learning Chinese. Do you want your kids to build up confidence of speaking Chinese? Do you want your kids to learning Chinese systematically? Why so many parents choose Chinesehour. The real class video is the most powerful!

    11 years old

    from Montreal, Canada

    Learning at Chinesehour

    for 2 years

    8 years old

    from Los Altos Hills, USA

    Learning at Chinesehour

    for one and a half years

    9 years old

    from Singapore

    Learning at Chinesehour

    for one year

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    My daughter Hannah had her first paid lesson with new teacher Samantha just now. I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with Samantha. Our daughter Hannah had a wonderful lesson and likes Samantha very much. In fact this was the best lesson we have had since starting learning Chinese.

     Orlando, Florida, USA

    I have learnt Chinese with you for several months this year, having lessons twice a week. This has been a very convenient and cost effective way of having one on one lessons with a native Chinese speaker.

    Melbourne, Australia